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Line lightning protection

Lightning striking overhead lines caused by lightning over-voltage or over-voltage can easily lead to insulator flashover or breakdown, power frequency arc concentrated in the insulation layer of the breakdown point caused by insulation lines melting broken. In order to prevent this accident, the need for overhead lines on the air circuit over-voltage protection device, its role is in the lightning overhead insulated lines, the lightning current to the protector, and cut off the power flow, to avoid the insulator flash or hit Wear, protect the overhead lines, to avoid disruptions.

Drop Out Surge Arrester

Drop Out Surge Arrester:Live Line Arrestor Technology

Manufacture Drop Out Surge Arrester
The Surge Arresters shall be of the non-linear metal-oxide resister type without spark
gaps and the non-linear metal-oxide resister shall be housed in a hermetically sealed
insulator casing to prevent ingress of moisture.
Removing a Live Line surge arrestor, with a telescopic link stick.

These surge arrestors are available from 3,3kv-36kv.
Saves time, safer & no outage needed.

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