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Drop Out Surge Arrester
Drop Out Surge Arrester

Drop Out Surge Arrester:Live Line Arrestor Technology

Manufacture Drop Out Surge Arrester
The Surge Arresters shall be of the non-linear metal-oxide resister type without spark
gaps and the non-linear metal-oxide resister shall be housed in a hermetically sealed
insulator casing to prevent ingress of moisture.
Removing a Live Line surge arrestor, with a telescopic link stick.

These surge arrestors are available from 3,3kv-36kv.
Saves time, safer & no outage needed.

Drop Out Surge Arrester

Drop Out Surge Arrester Overview

Drop Out Surge Arrester is the distribution of zinc oxide arrester modified after cleverly installed in the drop-type fuse drop mechanism, in the case of uninterruptible power, you can use the insulation pull lever to facilitate the detection of arrester, maintenance And replacement, not only to ensure the smooth flow of the line, but also greatly reduces the power maintenance staff work intensity and time, especially suitable for substandard places such as post and telecommunications, airport stations, hospitals, bustling business district. Other performance with the distribution of lightning arrester. The second generation of drop arrester increased the disengagement device, arrester in the event of an abnormal failure, the use of frequency short-circuit current let the detachment action, so that the detachment of the ground automatically disengaged, arrester components fall, exit operation to prevent further expansion of the accident, And easy to maintain the maintenance of personnel in time to carry out maintenance and replacement, the fall principle of fuse fuse similar to the fuse caused by rolling down.

I use the current international company's most advanced RW12-type drop body, reliable contact, flexible integration, and the use of composite pillars of stainless steel cover of advanced accessories, with anti-fouling and other advantages. The detachment is simple and economical. Product performance to meet the national standard GB11032-2000 (eqc IEC60099-4: 199) "AC gapless metal oxide surge arresters", JB / T8952-2005 "AC system with composite jacket without metal oxide surge arresters," GB311.1-1997 "High voltage power transmission equipment with the insulation."

The Drop Out Surge Arrester of electrical parameter table

Serial number
Product model
System rated voltage
Rated voltage
Continuous operating voltage
Residual pressure
Residual power
square wave
square wave
1 HY5WS-17/50DL-TR
10 17 13.6 25 50 50 42.5 75 65 Distribution
2 HY5WS-17/50DL-TB
10 17 13.6 25 50 50 42.5 75 65

User note

1, The arrester in the installation before use, please store in a clean, dry room.

2, The arrester should be put into operation before the preventive test should be;

A, test the insulation resistance b, measure the arrester DC 1mA voltage; c, measuring 0.75 times the DC 1mA leakage current.

3, Please specify when ordering models, arrester parameters and quantity. If there are special requirements, please specify in the contract.

4, The product from the date of delivery, two years in the normal operating environment due to quality problems can not be used my company is responsible for repair and replacement.

Drop Out Surge Arrester installation instructions

1, The product should be installed in the rated voltage and the rated voltage of the arrester system and equipment line.

2. Check the tightness between the arrester and the drop mechanism before installation to ensure good contact and flexibility.

3, Adjust the method: turn the arrester on the copper contact (with pull ring), so that sub-gate tension in the 6-10kg or less, and keep the copper contact pull the ring side is outward, and then pin the next nut, Turn.

4, The installation should make the arrester and the vertical line into a 15-30 degree angle, the distance of not less than 200mm, the distance between the phases of not less than 350mm.

5, Drop the body on the terminal high-voltage lines, the lower terminal must be reliable, do not reverse.

6, Arrester into the run before and after the operation of the note with the power distribution arrester.

7, When the arrester needs to be repaired or replaced, can be in the case of uninterruptible power supply, anti-insulation gate lock bar on the lightning arrester unit to facilitate the operation, as the replacement of the drop-type melting pipe.

8, The operation of the arrester unit fall, should be replaced by lightning arrester unit to restore the protection of the system, and drop-type institutions do not need to replace. Our company can provide the corresponding arrester unit.

Drop Out Surge Arrester structural drawings and product photos

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