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Overhead insulated circuit overvoltage protector
Overhead insulated circuit overvoltage protector
Overhead insulated circuit overvoltage protector
◆ Overview

Lightning striking overhead lines caused by lightning over-voltage or over-voltage can easily lead to insulator flashover or breakdown, power frequency arc concentrated in the insulation layer of the breakdown

point caused by insulation lines melting broken. In order to prevent this accident, the need for overhead lines on the air circuit over-voltage protection device, its role is in the lightning overhead insulated lines,

the lightning current to the protector, and cut off the power flow, to avoid the insulator flash or hit Wear, protect the overhead lines, to avoid disruptions.

◆ product features

Excellent protection characteristics, through the drainage ring and insulated wire formed between the series gap and current limiting components of the synergies, effectively cut off the frequency of continuous

flow, to avoid the insulated wire in the lightning after the cable break;

Special mechanical structure (including bearing skeleton, buffer layer), the unique interface coupling technology and silicone rubber jacket as a whole molding process to ensure that products can withstand greater

mechanical stress, reliable sealing, explosion proof;

Safe and reliable operation, maintenance-free. Even if the protector due to abnormal circumstances, due to the isolation of the series gap, it will not affect the line with the insulation to ensure the safe operation

of the power system.

◆ Model Description

figure 1

Main technical index
Table 1 main performance of protector

Serial number

Rated voltage

Rated bending load

Residual voltage at nominal discharge current,kV)

2mS Square wave current,A)




≤ 36





≤ 72


Table 2 series gap and protection performance of the protector (100 5mm)

Serial number

Power frequency discharge voltagekV)

Surge voltage (peak)kV)

1.2/50μS Impulse discharge voltage (peak value) kV)


≥ 50

≤ 200

≤ 110


≥ 55

≤ 270

≤ 145

The patrol line

Recommended increase line number of thunderstorm, found that the appearance of the product and the drainage ring anomalies (such as limiting element coat appeared damaged, cracked or electric erosion

traces, drainage ring deformation, electric erosion is serious, and the protector of skew), please immediately replaced.

Other models of the same market with MJHQ5 HY5CX, please confirm before ordering

Schematic diagram of the structure

Combined with different insulators

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