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Surge Arrester

Surge Arrester - Safeguarding Equipment and Ensuring Power System Reliability

  A surge arrester, also known as a high voltage surge arrester or lightning arrester, is an electrical device that safeguards equipment from high voltage surges and transients. Surge arresters are typically installed in power grids and other electrical systems, with various types available, such as polymer and porcelain surge arresters. Surge arrester fittings and accessories like disconnector, discharge counter, and on-line monitor are also available to enhance protection. Surge arresters function by employing a non-linear resistor and spark gap to conduct high voltage surges, diverting the surge energy into the ground and reducing the potential for equipment damage. Surge arresters play a critical role in ensuring the safety and reliability of power systems across residential, commercial, and light industrial applications.

Polymer Surge Arrester

Surge Arrester 5 kA and 10 kA Class 1 IEC 60099-4 for MV Systems to 36 kV

Surge Arrester Classification by voltage class

System Application Voltages 3-36 kV
Nominal Discharge Current 5 kA
High Current Withstand 65 kA
Rated Arrester Voltages, Ur 3-48 kV
Nominal Discharge Current 10 kA
High Current Withstand 100 kA

Power System Frequency 50-60 Hz

Applicable Design and Test Standard IEC 60099-4 IEC 60099-4

Line Discharge Class – 1

Pressure Relief Class 20 kA (rms Sym.) 20 kA (rms Sym.)


Maximum Energy, 2000 μs Square Wave 1.83 kJ/kV Uc 2.85 kJ/kV Uc (Repeatable 1 min)

High Current, Short Duration Energy Handling (65 kA) 3.17 kJ/kV Uc (100 kA) 3.9 kJ/kV Uc

Polymeric Lightning Arrester

The AC Lightning Arrester According To The Place Of  Use:

LV Lightning Arrester

Distribution Lightning Arrester

Station Lightning Arrester

Capacitance Lightning Arrester

Electric Motor Lightning Arrester

Engine Lightning Arrester

Porcelain Ligtning Arrester

Lightning Arrester According To The Place Of  Use:

Distribution Porcelain Ligtning Arrester
Station Porcelain Ligtning Arrester

Arrester Fittings

Accessories for arrester are:

Arrester Disconnector

Arrester Discharge Counter

Lightning Arrester On-line Monitor

Arrester DMC Bracket

Cross-arm bracket

Polymer Surge Arrester with Lead wire

Insulating Glass-filled Thermoset Polyester Surge Arrester Advantages:

Moistureproof effect is good

Structure optimization


Excellent shock resistance


Weight light

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