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Lightning flashover protection
Lightning flashover protection
10KV lightning flashover protection


Lightning flashover protector for 10KV line (hereinafter referred to as lightning flashover protector) is composed of lightning flashover protector body, discharge ball gap and equipotential connection hardware. Lightning flashover protector is a new generation of high-tech distribution line lightning protection products. The products in the 10KV line in operation, because the discharging gap is formed in the discharge gap between the wires and lightning flashover protector body, it can isolate the power frequency voltage, the lightning flashover protector body hardly withstand voltage. At the same time, the reasonable design of discharge gap, the lightning flashover protector body can not action in the operating voltage, lightning flashover protector prolong the service life of the body; the action of Lightning Overvoltage in lightning or lightning, discharge gap breakdown, lightning flashover protector body has low impedance, lightning discharge into the ground; lightning impulse, power frequency voltage on lightning flashover protector, lightning flashover protector body resistance moment becomes larger, the current through the arc current is suppressed in low value, increase the discharging gap arc voltage, insulation discharge gap rapid recovery, natural arcing in a very short period of time continued the stream is completely cut off frequency.

◆The main features
1, the use of a unique pure air discharge gap structure, to ensure that the lightning flashover protection body can be more effective and stable operation, the ability to extinguish the arc is stronger, the discharge residual voltage is much smaller than the insulator flashover voltage;
2, lightning flashover protector body is not subject to the system voltage in the absence of lightning current situation (no current flows), lightning flashover protector so as to prolong the service life of the body, reduce maintenance and daily operation, save a lot of manpower and financial resources;
3, simple design, easy installation and construction;
4, discharge ball gap can withstand multiple power frequency arc ablation, reliable performance;
5, lightning flashover protector shock response speed, in the line protection radius is large, residual depression;
6, lightning flashover protector is widely used in the grounding resistance is difficult, high resistivity of the mountains, hills, plains and other lightning activity on the line installation and use.
◆The main technical parameters


Line rated voltage (kV)

4/10us High current withstand shock

2mm Square wave current shock

Lightning impulse discharge voltage

Impact protection level

bending strength

Anti pollution ability







5 kN

III level

Absorption capacity

Discharge inductance

Bulk impulse current residual voltage (RMS) kV lightning wave:

Power frequency wet withstand voltage is not less than kV (RMS)

Standard discharge current peak (kA)

Creepage distance(mm/

Lightning impulse action voltage requirements







Air gap

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