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Lightning pillar insulator
Lightning pillar insulator
Lightning pillar insulator

Fixed insulated wire and to prevent the overhead insulated wire lightning strikes the protection device for copper, aluminum overhead insulated wire.

performance parameters

Model specifications: FEG-12/5 wire cross-section range (mm2) 50-240

1, lightning full-wave impact withstand voltage (peak) 100kv

2,1min power frequency withstand voltage (RMS) 50kA

3, power frequency arc current (RMS) 12.5kA

4, rated bending tolerance load: 5kN

5, the minimum nominal creepage distance: 360mm

6, puncture site coated with a unique waterproof paste

◆ Structural features

1. This product is divided into two types of puncture and non-puncture (stripping insulation), which is mainly composed of insulation shield, thread aluminum alloy fittings, composite insulators, lead rods and steel feet, etc. 1.

2. Pitch bar and clip wire fittings with a body, when the lightning strike occurs, the arc rod and the lower steel legs between the short circuit, causing flashover discharge, the power frequency of the arc to move to the arc and under the steel feet Between the burning, to protect the wire from burns. Due to lead rods around the umbrella skirt and transferred to the best discharge gap, the discharge effect is better, and can prevent the insulator umbrella skirt burned.

3. Clip gold with puncture-type tingling structure, tattoo detachable, peeling or no skinning can be used. Seal the use of aluminum alloy than the strength of a higher conductivity better copper alloy material, the surface through the electric [infiltration] treatment canthus to prevent the oxidation of copper and aluminum, so that copper and aluminum wire can be used.

4. The use of composite materials produced by the mine insulator than the porcelain insulator insulation performance, and its creepage distance, and improve the anti-pollution level of the insulator.

5. A unique structure has been taken to prevent birds from causing short-circuit hazards to overhead wires.

6. Can withstand many times the frequency of high current arc burning

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