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New built - in arrester insulator
New built - in arrester insulator
New built - in arrester insulator

◆Analysis of the cause of lightning breakage
Insulated wire lightning breaking characteristics and bare wire off the line is significantly different. When the lightning or induced lightning over the voltage on the bare wire caused by the insulation flashover, the arc by the electromagnetic force along the surface of the wire slip, in the ongoing power frequency short-circuit current arc along the line to move away from the power direction. And the insulation wire lightning overvoltage caused by flashover and breakdown of the insulator before the moment the arc current is very large but the time is very short, in the insulation layer to form a breakdown hole, arc root in the piercing hole burning. In a very short time the wire will be blown. Bare wires in the frequency of continuous flow off the wire or damage to the insulator before, can cause the exit or switch on the column trip, cut off the arc. Insulated wire insulation prevents the arc from slipping on its surface, the high temperature arc is fixed at the point of breakdown of the insulation and the wire is blown before the outlet or column switch trips.

Insulated wire lightning protection status quo

At present, there are two kinds of lightning protection measures such as "grooming" and "blocking" at home and abroad. "Grooming" is the insulator near the insulation line of local exposed, so that the power arc arc root transfer or set in the special fittings on the burning, so that the wire from burns. "Block" is to prevent the lightning flash after the power frequency continued from the arc, so as to ensure the safety of the wire. From the preventive measures and actual combat found that "plug" effect than "grooming" better, but the above method of construction complex, large investment, not to promote.

◆ Internal arrester insulator principle

Will be the gap, metal oxide resistors, composite insulators and explosion-proof release together, you can play a good way to prevent lightning flash drive frequency continuous flow from the arc.


Power frequency continued flow is small, arc driving ability, lightning impact current residual pressure is low, absorbing energy, tolerance, damage easy to find, easy installation, greatly improve the anti-fouling ability.

◆ Model meaning

Technical Parameters

Rated voltage(kV)

residual pressure under rated nominal discharge current(peak,kv)bending roading


power frequency continued flow

surge  arrester






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